Friday, January 07, 2011

The Modern Experience

The most joyful thing in life is to deal with people who know what they are doing. Take, for example, the dinner tonight at The Modern restaurant. The chef clearly knew what he was doing, for the food was impeccable. But the girl at the coat-check left the deepest impression. She was cuter than the average coat-check girl, with an engaging smile, and she definitely knew what she was doing. The six of us arrived in the evening after a day of heavy snow, and we each checked in our coat. I had a stack of paper with me, which I forgot to check in with my coat. We were seated, upon which I realized that my papers were an incongruous addition to the table. So I returned to the coat check, and asked the girl to keep my papers with our coats.

A fabulous meal later, I got my coat back. Neatly tucked in my coat pocket - my papers. The girl knew which coat was mine! The final score on The Modern - food: 9, coat check girl: 10.